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      Research center and water technologies is specializes in water research , it contributes to the development and dissemination of science and water-related technologies. It is composed of a supporting research and 3 research laboratories space :

  • Laboratory of Geo- Resources
  • Laboratory processing of natural waters
  • Laboratory wastewater


  The main research topics in the center :

  • Geophysical and geological characterization of geological reservoirs .
  • Hydrogeology , hydrology, geochemistry and modeling of surface water and groundwater.
  • Study of artificial recharge .
  • Integrated management of water basins , aquifers and dams.
  • Geographic information systems and decision support tools.
  • Treatment of burying drinking and industrial water and gas pollution .
  • Analyzes and microbiological wastewater treatment .
  • Physico- chemical treatment and recycling of urban and industrial wastewater .
  • Treatment of brackish water and industrial water by membrane processes
  • Studies of Water -Sol- tablecloth interactions. "


Appels à candidature

Avis pour les annonces d'appels à candidature 5 et 6/2020    Lire la suite


Appel à Consultation

يعتزم مركز بحوث وتكنولوجيات المياه بالقطب التكنولوجي ببرج السّدرية القيام باستشارة قصد التّزود بمواد إعلامية لفائدة مخابر البحث لسنة « Equipement Informatique 2020 ».     Lire la suite


Action de Solidarité face à la COVID-19

Afin de faire face à cette situation sans précédent, le CERTE a pris une série d'actions afin de soutenir le Staff médical et para-médical, en particulier les hopitaux régionaux de gombalia    Lire la suite


Technopole de Borj-Cédria - Route touristique de Soliman BP 273-8020 Soliman (Tunisie)

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Fax : +216 79 325 802

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