The Tunisia-Japan Symposium on Science, Society and Technology (TJASSST 2019) will be held during Nov 29 (Fri) – Dec 2 (Mon) 2019 in Sousse, Tunisia. It is a multi-disciplinary international conference that covers wide spectrum of research fields including food, medicine, agriculture, materials, energy, water, environment, and social sciences. The TJASSST 2019 is jointly organized by University of Sousse, Tunisia and the Alliance for Research on the Mediterranean and North Africa (ARENA), University of Tsukuba, Japan. Its overall topic is "Bridging academic research with industry for a sustainable social development". The main objectives of TJASSST 2019 are :
  • To ensure and to promote bilateral research cooperation considering several fields of research
  • To discuss and to share scientific experiences and knowledge between researchers from North Africa and Mediterranean countries and Japan.
  • To establish applied and practical innovative solutions for sustainable development
  • To contribute to build the relationship between Academia and Industry

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